Message for Fermilab Subcontractors – Fermilab Site Access Requirements

As a precautionary measure for the health and safety of our employees, colleagues, and neighbors, the Fermilab site in Batavia is being closed to the general public due to COVID-19 effective Tuesday, March 17.

For the latest information, please check

Subcontractors who need to access the site, including performance and deliveries, will need to present either (1) a Fermilab badge or (2) a valid government ID and proof of business (i.e. subcontract award number, packing slip, rental agreement, etc.).
Additionally, we request all subcontractors working at Fermilab to voluntarily report the following information via email at
• Any confirmed or presumptive cases of COVID-19 among your employees who work onsite at Fermilab
• Any confirmed or presumptive cases of COVID-19 you are aware of among employees of lower-tier subcontractors working onsite at Fermilab

As the COVID-19 situation develops, Fermilab Procurement will be contacting you regarding potential/anticipated impacts to our subcontractors. Subcontractors may submit questions to: