Economic impact

Advances in science, engineering, medicine and other areas all contribute to a better world, and many have originated in experiments conducted in U.S. national labs. Fermilab has long fostered technological innovation, which translates into productivity growth. This in turn helps ensure economic growth and broadly shared prosperity for the surrounding community. A great deal of federal research and development takes place outside Washington, and these investments “come to ground” in communities across the country. This local and regional productivity allows these areas to share in the economic benefits of research. Fermilab is firmly committed to the continuing growth and economic success of the Midwest region, the state of Illinois and the greater Chicago Area.

Federally funded R&D is a hallmark of federal, state and local economies. Two-thirds of the most influential technologies of the past 50 years were supported by the U.S. government at universities and national laboratories such as Fermilab.