Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal is now live and available for use

Fermilab’s new Supplier Portal is your one-stop shop to manage your company’s profile and participate in Fermilab’s solicitations. By using this portal, you will be able to update your company’s information, add or remove contacts, update the products and services your company offers, respond to solicitations you have been invited to, and send electronic messages to Fermilab supplier administrators and solicitations’ buyers. You can also use this portal to check your purchase orders and see if your invoices have been processed and paid.

We also plan to enable electronic payments in the near future. Once we are ready to do so, you will receive specific instructions on how to update your bank information in the portal.

To learn more, view our training materials on this page, read the news.

Please note that Federal TAX ID Number and copy of W-9 is required to complete the registration for US-based entities. If you are an individual, your Social Security Number (SSN) is your federal TAX ID. Non-US based entities should provide Tax Registration Number. If the required information is not provided, the registration cannot be approved. Please note that registration does not guarantee a subcontract award. DUNS number, ZIP+4 and congressional district are required for all the US-based companies that have been or will be awarded subcontract with Fermilab. In addition, all the Small Business entities will have to provide and maintain the information on number of employees and annual revenue (1). Completeness of your data is a necessary condition for timely subcontract award.

If you have done business with Fermilab in the past five years, your company may already be registered, and you do not need to re-register. If you want to check whether your company already exists in our database, you can send your inquiry with company name and TAX ID to For help with the registration check the instructions available on this website. After your registration an account will be created for you. When the account is created, user receives an automated email.
If you’ve received an account in the Supplier Portal, you can click the “SUPPLIER PORTAL ACCESS” button to log in. If you are a new supplier and want to register in the portal, please click the “SUPPLIER PORTAL REGISTRATION” button.

Note: Please do not use the back button in your browser while using the Supplier Portal. Please use the home button for navigation instead.



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