Supplier Resources

Consistent with the requirements of REAL ID Act and terms and conditions for being onsite at Fermilab, complaint identification is required for Fermilab’s Batavia site beginning Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

All reasonable efforts must be taken to comply. If there becomes a situation where an individual does not possess valid REAL ID-compliant identification, a Fermilab escort must be identified for the duration of their visit.

Fermilab suppliers may view and access resources below to obtain subcontract-related documents including Terms & Conditions, Instructions & Forms, and Worker Safety & Health Requirements.

Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal related instructions, training videos and links.

Terms & Conditions

List of Fermilab standard terms & conditions.


List of current Fermilab forms.

Worker Safety and Health for Subcontractors

Review Fermilab Environmental, Safety, Health and Quality requirements and procedures.

System for Award Management (SAM)

Register to do business with Fermilab and the U.S. government.


Certified payroll reporting portal.

Communication and Informational Sessions


Accounts Payable

Contact or Submit invoices to

Invoice Instructions

Payment will be made on the basis of an original invoice, which must contain the following information:

  • Supplier name as stated in the contract/purchase order
  • Remittance address
  • Purchase order number (Document number) (Do not hand-write Purchase Order number on invoice)
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Total invoice amount should be included on the front page of the invoice (Do not include cumulative amount)
  • Description, price and quantity of property or services actually delivered or rendered (as stated in the contract/PO)
  • Payment terms
  • Shipping terms and required documentation (see freight bill information below)
  • Other substantiating documentation as required by the contract. Examples: timesheet, approval signature, other authorization for delivery of property or services

Freight Instructions

Fermilab is required to report and provide supporting documentation for all freight charges of $100 or more. To help us comply with this regulation and to facilitate payment of your freight expenses, please submit a freight bill with your invoice on any freight charges of $100 or more.