Step 1

Check what we buy

Step 2

Register in Fermilab’s Supplier Portal

See this video on how to register your company in Fermilab’s Supplier Portal or read the instructions.

Step 3

Keep your company information up-to-date in Supplier Portal

Make sure your company’s information is up-to-date and the commodity codes you have selected match the goods and services that your company provides. See this video on how to update your company profile in the Supplier Portal.

Step 4

Fermilab Procurement will contact you

If your business profile matches our needs, we will reach out to you and invite you to our solicitations.

Fermilab buys the following category of items:

  • Mechanical and Electronic Fabrications
  • Construction and Facilities Services
  • Contractor Staffing Requirements
  • Commercial Products and Services

For more information, please read our What we buy page.

All the current Terms and Conditions are available for review and download on the Terms & Conditions page.

Please use our contact form and identify the specific opportunities of interest.

You can obtain a DUNS number by calling 1-866-705-5711 but DUNS number can also be requested online.