Fermilab REAL ID implementation

Dear Suppliers:,

The REAL ID Act is a U.S. federal law that includes requirements for accessing certain Federal facilities, including non-public areas of Fermilab. The Act will go into effect on October 1, 2020, and as a federal facility, Fermilab must comply. The details below are important and should be reviewed closely.

Fermilab REAL ID implementation
Fermilab has established a process to implement REAL ID by October 1, 2020, in compliance with the Act. Access to public areas will remain unchanged. Between now and August, Fermilab will be validating REAL ID compliance of all Fermilab badge holders. Beginning Oct 1, 2020, access to non-public areas will be allowed only to Fermilab badged personnel or those escorted by badged personnel. People without Fermilab badges will not be authorized to access non-public areas without an escort.

A list of REAL ID-compliant forms of identification can be found here – and includes a U.S. or foreign passport – and a map of Fermilab’s public areas can be found here. Public areas include: the Lederman Science Center, the site’s walking/bicycling paths, portions of building 327, the lobby area of Aspen East and specific portions of Wilson Hall – the Wilson Hall atrium, portions of the 15th floor, the 2nd floor art gallery and Ramsey Auditorium.

What users, subcontractors, authorized guests, scientist emeritus and retired guests need to do
• Fermilab users, subcontractors, authorized guests, scientist emeritus and retired guests who have provided a passport to obtain a badge will not need to do anything different regarding badging.
• Beginning April 1, 2020, people who are holding a badge that expires after September 30, 2020, and have NOT provided a passport other REAL ID-compliant form of identification will be notified and will need to present a REAL ID-compliant form of identification to the Users or Badging Office by August 1. Notices will be sent out from April to June 2020.
• For all badge renewals, beginning on April 1, 2020, people requesting a new badge or renewing an expiring badge must provide a REAL ID-compliant form of identification, which includes a U.S. or foreign passport.
• Badge validity will be granted through the requested period only if a REAL ID compliant form of identification is provided during the badging process. If a Real ID-compliant form of identification is not provided, the validity of the badge will be through June 30, 2020.

Additional information
• For more information, visit Fermilab’s REAL ID webpage, which will be updated as information becomes available. Answers to frequently asked questions are posted on the webpage. You may also submit questions torealid@fnal.gov.
• Fermilab will invalidate the badges on August 1, 2020 of people who have been requested to take action regarding badging but do not comply. When a person presents a REAL ID-compliant form of identification to the Users Office (users) or Badging Office (contractors and authorized guests), they will then be issued a badge that is valid for the remainder of their approved access period.
• Public access for visitors, self-guided tours, cyclists, bison viewing, etc. will remain unchanged. Fermilab will display signage around the Fermilab Batavia site that will delineate our public and non-public areas.

Look for additional messages to be sent out over the next few months regarding the REAL ID Act and thank you in advance for complying.

Po Collins, CPCM, C.P.M.